Pattern Making I: Beginner (Oct 20th - Dec 8th)

Pattern Making I: Beginner (Oct 20th - Dec 8th)

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Pattern Making I: Beginner
October 20th - Dec 8th
Saturdays, 9am - 12pm
Location: EcoEquitable's Classroom, 404 McArthur Avenue
Number of students to run: 3
Instructor: Yourahn Choi

Interested in learning pattern making from a master? This is the course for you. Over eight 3-hour sessions, you will learn basic pattern-making.

Following the course, students will be able to:

  • Take needed body measurements, 
  • Make basic patterns with darts for body (torso), skirt and sleeve,
  • Developing variations of a pattern - various necklines, playing with darts including princess lines, pleats in a skirt, and various sleeves, and 
  • Create a design and make a pattern of your own.

Required materials provided by EcoEquitable. Students may purchase additional rulers and materials from EcoEquitable if they are interested in having them for personal home use.

 Prerequisite: None

Yourahn Choi

Yourahn is a veteran of the fashion industry from South Korea. She has worked extensively in the fashion industry and has created many patterns for EcoEquitable's clients.

Prerequisite: Intermediate sewing ability

Skill Levels:
Beginner sewing ability: very little knowledge of sewing
Intermediate sewing ability: Has some sewing knowledge able to successfully sew a garment following a pattern
Advanced sewing ability: Has been sewing for some time is able to follow a sewing pattern and also make fitting modifications to a pattern as well as garment design changes to patterns.

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Refund/Cancellation policy:

Written notice of cancellation may be processed with a full refund (minus a 10% admin fee) two weeks prior to the course starting.  Cancellations received 1 week prior to the course are eligible for a 50% refund unless there is a wait list for the course.  Cancellations within the final week prior to the course are non-refundable unless there is a wait list for the course and the course can be run with full attendance.