Sewing Without a Pattern (June 29 - August 17)

Sewing Without a Pattern (June 29 - August 17)

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Sewing Without a Pattern
June 29th - August 17th
Fridays, 10am–1pm

Location: Heartwood Hub
404 McArthur Avenue
Max class size: 8
Instructors: Tam Nguyen

Making clothes easily, quickly and beautifully.

You are a sewer, you are very interested in sewing, you want to make beautiful clothes for yourself and your family.

But you are tired of commercial patterns, they are so complicated. You buy a pattern in your size, but it does not fit you. It takes you a lot of time to figure out the changes required. You would like to make patterns easily for yourself and others without having to do any alterations.

You do not know easy tips and tricks for sewing. It’s hard for you to finish a project and your sewing does not look professional. You need to learn techniques to sew easily, quickly and beautifully.

If you find that sewing is taking too long and is tiring, and you wish you could make it fast and more interesting, then this course is definitely for you. It will teach you the correct way to be creative using your own clothes as a pattern. All the tips and methods you learn will make you a professional seamstress. And you will find a renewed enthusiasm for making fashionable apparels, remodelling your old clothes and saving money.

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Refund/Cancellation policy:

Written notice of cancellation may be processed with a full refund (minus a 10% admin fee) two weeks prior to the course starting.  Cancellations received 1 week prior to the course are eligible for a 50% refund unless there is a wait list for the course.  Cancellations within the final week prior to the course are non-refundable unless there is a wait list for the course and the course can be run with full attendance.