Pattern Making I: Beginner (March 20th - May 8th)

Pattern Making I: Beginner (March 20th - May 8th)

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Pattern Making I: Beginner
March 20th - May 8th
Tuesdays, 5:30pm–8:30pm
Location: Heartwood Hub
404 McArthur Avenue
Instructor: Frank Sukhoo
Max class size: 10

Interested in learning pattern making from a master?  This is the course for you.  Over eight 3-hour sessions, you will learn basic pattern-making. 

Following the course, students will be able to: 

  1. Take needed body measurements, 
  2. Make basic patterns with darts for body (torso), skirt and sleeve,
  3. Developing variations of a pattern - various necklines, playing with darts including princess lines, pleats in a skirt, and various sleeves, and 
  4. Create a design and make a pattern of your own. 

Additional instruction will include: creating half scale dress pattern including lining and facings, how to measure seam allowances, how different types of fabrics affect the pattern making process, and the use of darts to create shape. 

Required materials provided by EcoEquitable.  Students may purchase additional rulers and materials from EcoEquitable if they are interested in having them for personal home use.  EcoEquitable has a very qualified instructor in pattern making.

Frank Sukhoo

Frank Sukhoo is a talented designer and teacher.  He has his own boutique in Ottawa's Byward Market that caters to Ottawa's fashionistas.  Frank has been a teacher at Richard Robinson and Algonquin's Fashion Program and we are lucky to have him teaching courses at EcoEquitable.

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Refund/Cancellation policy:

Written notice of cancellation may be processed with a full refund (minus a 10% admin fee) two weeks prior to the course starting.  Cancellations received 1 week prior to the course are eligible for a 50% refund unless there is a wait list for the course.  Cancellations within the final week prior to the course are non-refundable unless there is a wait list for the course and the course can be run with full attendance.