Upcycled Fashion (Sept 4th - Oct 23rd)

Upcycled Fashion (Sept 4th - Oct 23rd)

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Upcycled Fashion
September 4th - October 23rd
Tuesdays, 6pm–9pm
8 weeks
Location: EcoEquitable Classroom 404 McArthur Ave
Max class size: 8
Instructor: Jen Rosenthal

Upcycling stops adding stuff to a world that is already overwhelmed with material things. By reusing materials that may otherwise end up in the landfill in creative and innovative ways – you can produce original one-of-a-kind fashions from what many consider to be waste. Upcycling is a sustainable way to refresh your wardrobe and create unique fashions.

You will:

  • Look at the work of designers who specialize in upcycled fashion 
  • Learn about textiles, their properties and how to choose what to upcycle 
  • Learn some basic fashion design principles and methods 
  • Discover some tools and useful resources to help you upcycle 
  • Participate in fun “design challenge” exercises upcycling clothing items 
  • Complete a major upcycled garment transformation project

Note: All materials for “design challenges” will be provided. You will need to bring or buy your own materials for the major project (guidelines will be provided in class regarding what to choose).

Prerequisite:  Patternmaking I, and Advanced sewing ability

Skill Levels:
Beginner sewing ability: very little knowledge of sewing
Intermediate sewing ability: Has some sewing knowledge able to successfully sew a garment following a pattern
Advanced sewing ability: Has been sewing for some time is able to follow a sewing pattern and also make fitting modifications to a pattern as well as garment design changes to patterns.

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Refund/Cancellation policy:

Written notice of cancellation may be processed with a full refund (minus a 10% admin fee) two weeks prior to the course starting.  Cancellations received 1 week prior to the course are eligible for a 50% refund unless there is a wait list for the course.  Cancellations within the final week prior to the course are non-refundable unless there is a wait list for the course and the course can be run with full attendance.